Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement
We, the Eucharistic community of the Lord at Saint Joseph’s and members of the Body of Christ, are varied in background, culture, age and economic class.  We are a welcoming parish consisting of longtime Catholics, new and returning Catholics and the young, all seeking knowledge of our faith, its teachings and traditions.  We are a faith community empowered by the Holy Spirit and dedicated to helping others.  We are committed to celebrate the sacramental life of the church; to listen, proclaim, practice, teach and evangelize the word of God; to minister to each other, the poor and those in need.


Our Parish Vision
Because of our mission, because we are disciples of Jesus, we have embraced Stewardship. We recognize that we have been called to be the Lord’s stewards.  We have been anointed by Christ to use His gifts of time, talent, and treasure, to care for the poor, to help those in need, to preach the gospel, to celebrate the sacraments, to make Christ present in the world, and to make this world God’s kingdom. Stewardship not only is a vision of what we are called to be, but it is also the way to fulfill that call. Just as Peter, James, and all the disciples heard the call of Christ and followed Him, let us too answer Christ’s call to be His stewards.


Parish Membership
Our parish family invites all of its members to participate fully in our spiritual and social life.  Every family moving into our parish is requested to register.  Please contact the parish office for the form.  If you are going to move to another parish or change your address, please notify the parish office.

Fr. Dominik Bakowski, Pastor


Celebrate the Eucharist

Saturday Eve:  5:30 PM
Sunday:           8:00 AM, 10:00AM, 12 Noon, 7PM (Spanish Mass)

Monday: 7 PM (preceded by Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal/Benediction at 6:30PM)

Tuesday-Friday:  8 AM    
Holy Days: To be announced from the pulpit

Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday 4:30 - 5 PM and by appointment.



 Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone (973) 696-4411

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